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Model: LENS-SIG-AF-10-20-3.5-EXDC-HSM
Ultra wide angle fast aperture, ideal in low lightAchieve im..
2,413 AED
Model: LENS-SIG-EF-10-20-4-5-EXDC-HSM
The super wide-angle capability of the 10-20mm zoom makes it..
1,930 AED
Model: LENS-SIG-EF-100-400-5-6.3-DGOS-HSM
EF-Mount Lens/Full-Frame FormatAperture Range: f/5 to f/22Fo..
3,359 AED
Model: LENS-SIG-OS-105-2.8-EXDG-HSM
16 Elements in 11 Groups 23.3 degrees 9 Blades (Ro..
2,098 AED
Model: LENS-SIG-F-10-2.8-EXDC-HSM
Large aperture high speed diagonal fisheye lensClose focusin..
2,683 AED
Model: LENS-SIG-AF-12-24-4-5-DG2-HSM
17 Elements in 13 Groups122 - 84.1 degrees6 BladesMinimum Ap..
3,407 AED
Model: LENS-SIG-AF-120-300-2.8-DGOS-HSM
Sigma's new Sports line of lensesHSM (hypersonic motor)A pow..
14,909 AED
Model: LENS-SIG-EF135-1.8-DG-HSM
EF-Mount Lens/Full-Frame FormatAperture Range: f/1.8 to f/16..
5,039 AED
Model: LENS-SIG-E-14-1.8-DG-HSM
E-Mount Lens/Full-Frame FormatAperture Range: f/1.8 to f/16T..
6,404 AED
Model: LENS-SIG-AF-15-30-3-4-EX-DG
15-30mm focal length3.5-4.5 maximum apertureSuper Multi Coat..
2,099 AED
Model: LENS-SIG-AF-150-600-5-6.3-DGOS-HSM
Aperture Range: f/5-6.3 to 22One FLD and Three SLD ElementsH..
3,674 AED
Model: LENS-SIG-AF-150-600-5-6.3-DGOS-HSM
Canon EF Lens/Full FrameAperture Range: f/5-6.3 to 22Two FLD..
6,299 AED
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